FreeWill Partnership

Create your free estate plan online

It is our mission to offer efficient estate planning resources, and our partnership with FreeWill enables you to create your estate plan online. FreeWill is a secure, easy to use resource that is free of charge. Follow the instructions listed below and click the button to get started!

Getting Started

1. Download the estate planning checklist to see what decisions should be considered and information to have available to complete your estate plan.
2. Click the button above to go to and begin working on your documents.
3. Carefully read the information on the first page and determine if you wish to create a trust or will.

Creating Your Documents

1. Once you input your contact information, you will receive an email asking you to create an account. We recommend doing this as it enables you to save and manage your documents at any time.
2. When you arrive at step 4 (“Residuary”), you will have the option to name charities as your beneficiaries.  You can find ministries we are closely affiliated with by clicking the “Ministry Partners” button. The “Choose another nonprofit” button allows you to name any other charity or ministry not listed.

Completing Your Estate Plan

1. Once you have completed the process, download and save the PDF containing your estate documents.
2. Carefully review the instructions on the first several pages of the PDF for signatures and authorizations as well as other possible further steps.

Believers Stewardship Services is excited to inform you we are now doing business under the name of Legacy Ministry Services, and you have been re-directed to our new website! Legacy will continue to provide the same services we have always provided under this new branding.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that this new name does not have any effect on you. If you have any funds, trusts, annuities, or other accounts with us, those have been considered and will not be affected. If you have an estate plan naming Believers Stewardship Services in any sort of capacity, that is still a valid identity and will not require you to change anything. Lastly, any checks made out to Believers Stewardship Services will remain valid as well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!